We are about hanging out with like minded people, making new friends, and having a blast with science.

This is a non-profit online community composed of people who love science. If you are also one, we invite you to drop by here and join the conversations.

The community aims to be able to operate primarily off of fundraising initiatives. All funds raised throughout the year will be spent only on the continuity of services and initiatives. Our goal is to create a place that is passionate about science yet light-hearted and entertaining. We aim to be able to provide helpful and informative services, discounts and assistance to members. We will strongly encourage participation in the social aspect of science and its study.

In the future, we hope to be able to hold events that will foster camaraderie among members and earn awards for the organization. These events might include: an Acquaintance Party at the start of every year, a Science Ball, and a Summer Camp. In these events, we hope to be able to give out freebies and to feature local bands and entertainers.